Fringe 2013: The St Andrews Revue review



The St Andrews Revue

After an auspicious inaugural run at last year’s Fringe, the St Andrews Revue have returned to Edinburgh with a few fresh faces, plenty of gags and a renewed sense of maturity and thoughtfulness.

The troupe’s comic timing and sketch construction was at times dazzling with echoes of vintage Python. A voyeuristic narrator intruding on a couple’s date segued neatly into wonderful depiction of two old dears regaling tales of a cruise gone somewhat awry.

Despite one or two misses and failed punch lines, notably a sketch involving one of the six sauntering around the stage with a bag of balloons tied to his waist, there was enough quality on stage to see the hour whisk by; a disarmingly whimsical play on Andy and Judy Murray’s domestic situation sticks in the memory.

This was a delightfully intelligent hour of astutely observed sketch work. It must be said that several of the players were more dominant than others throughout the show but with such promising talent on display, the sextet provided thoughtful and highly competently crafted sketch comedy.

Catch The St Andrews Revue at 15.20 at Just the Tonic at The Caves until 25 August.


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