The simple pleasures of Paris


There are flew places one can travel in Europe that are more luxurious or charming than the city of Paris. Many visitors will agree that the French capital is best known for its decadence, ornate beauty, and indulgence.  From the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower, to the lavish furnishings of Versailles, to the majestic beauty of the Musée de Louvre, it is no secret that Paris is a simply fabulous city to visit.


However, on a recent trip to the City of Lights, I had quite a different perspective of this lovely city. While all of the clichés of Paris certainly rang true during my visit, what became more appealing during my weeklong stay was conforming to the true Parisian way of life. After only a day or two in the city I began to notice that, all tourist attractions aside, what makes Paris such a wonderful place to visit is the astonishing pace of life this city offers to its residents and visitors alike. There is nowhere else quite like Paris for enjoying not only the best, but also the simplest things that life has to offer. Looking behind the lavish exterior of this great city, you may find that on the inside, the city of Paris as a whole is extremely well versed in living each day to the fullest. While observing authentic Parisian men and women during my stay, I found that they are able to pay homage to the small yet sweet aspects of life and I believe that those of us with fast paced student lives should consider taking a page from the Parisian handbook on how to live life in a way that inspires true happiness each and every day.

What stands out most from my Parisian getaway was how the people of this beautiful city are able to find pure bliss from the smallest things in life. Whether it be sitting in a packed corner café overlooking a busy French street for hours, or enjoying a freshly baked baguette with a glass of wine for lunch, Paris has become a place that magnifies the small but wonderful things in life that may otherwise get overlooked. It is focusing on these minor details of life that makes the Parisian lifestyle so sweet, relaxing, and envious for the rest of the world.  From fine food to high fashion, whatever you may need to inspire happiness can be found just around the corner in the amazing city of Paris.

The writer recently took a holiday to Paris. 


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