Missing St Andrews student located in eastern Europe

Timothy Baek
Timothy Baek
Timothy Baek

A student from the University of St Andrews who has been missing since April has been located in eastern Europe.

Seung Un Baek, known as Timothy Baek, had left St Andrews on 29 April and was last seen later that day in Edinburgh, where he withdrew money from a cash machine, as The Saint reported earlier this month.

It is thought that he was with a woman when he left St Andrews and they travelled to Edinburgh together.

His family travelled from southeast Asia to Scotland to help look for the 21-year-old on 10 May.

Police have now confirmed that Baek flew from Edinburgh and travelled to two eastern European capitals shortly after the last sighting of him.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We are now aware that Mr Baek flew out of Edinburgh on the day after the last sighting. He has not yet returned.

“We know he flew to eastern Europe, and made a connecting flight to another eastern European country. We would still like to speak to him to ensure his safety and wellbeing. We will be alerted when he returns to Britain.”

Staff at the University of St Andrews were also working with police to try to trace Mr Baek and provided support to his family.

A spokesman for the University said: “He is no longer being treated as a missing person. We can’t say any more.”


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