Star Ball


The annual collaboration between Astro Soc, SUMS and Quantum Soc took place in the Scores Hotel last Wednesday. Last year, a friend convinced me to go as she was calling the ceilidh, so I was interested to see what the new ball committee could come up with.

Before the event, there was a lot of publicity over in North Haugh, and tickets sold out. At £8/£10 depending on whether you were a society member or not, prices were reasonable. Whilst I question the logic of having the ball on a Wednesday night, the room was filled.

We arrived just after 20:00, which was perfect timing as we managed to snag a table. Cupcakes, glitter stars and foam puzzle pieces decorated the tables – a nice touch. There was a freezer full of Janettas ice cream, and we were invited to help ourselves to a tub.

The main bar was situated upstairs, and there was a second, smaller bar equipped with shots and water near the dance floor. This was a very savvy move as everyone was thirsty after the ceilidh.

Speaking of, the ceilidh band was fantastic! This portion of the evening was a real success. The dance floor was definitely a bit too small, but everyone squishing in and getting into the spirit really boosted the atmosphere.

After the ceilidh came the traditional root vegetable race. For those of you unfamiliar with this, each year the committee buys an amusingly-shaped root vegetable and invites all the guests up to the dance floor. The winner is the first one to hold the vegetable up in the air – this year it was a “bum shaped swede”.  The fiercely contested race was won this year by Nicole Johannesen.

The two DJs, Charles Field and Theo Borgvin Weiss, kept everyone dancing until 00:30. Third year student, Sophia Wright described their music as “amazing, mainly R’n’B”. She added, “We also all loved the fact that they danced along to their own tunes when they thought no one was watching!”

Henry Legg and Daniel Mayoh, two of the organisers, thought that the night was a “huge success”. Henry added, “Personally I think the ball ran perfectly and was just as awesome as we had all hoped.”

So the final verdict: a well-planned, well-executed night to socialise with your science classmates and have a bit of a bop.

Photo Credit: Jan Vacula


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