Let’s get ready to Rhuuuumble!


IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED. I don’t know how and I can’t tell you precisely when, but at some moment in recent months it was decided that a respectable amount of time had passed, making it now socially acceptable to broadcast the following statement: the 90s are having a comeback. We have waited 13 long and boring noughty years, but at the time of writing, PJ and Duncan are back ruling the charts once more, right where they belong. QUICKLY, help us celebrate – put on your jelly sandals and favourite Gap hoody (pale blue fleece-yes please) and I’ll meet you with my yoyo and funfax at the school gate. Oh and bring your pogs. And can I get my Space Jam video back? Thanks.


This piece is a slight indulgence for me – I fear that I’m enjoying trawling through the Buzzfeed lists of “35 ways to tell if you’re a 90’s kid”  a little too much. If my three elder brothers were reading this, they’d probably smack the blo-pens from my hand (my artistic attempts were straight up terrible), and tell me that, born in 1990, I’m too young to comment on the wave of 90’s nostalgia taking the UK by storm. What they forget, however, is I spent much of my childhood playing with their 90’s throwback toys: my brother won a Sega Mega Drive in a newspaper competition – an achievement yet to be topped in our family history. Add to this a decade of enjoying a variety of outstanding films including Richie Rich, Kindergarten Cop, and (most importantly) The Mighty Ducks. I think I’m set. Quack.

It may seem kind of surprising (read: depressing) that we’ve reached a point in time where we can already become nostalgic about the 90s. In my youth, as I was kicking back on my inflatable chair in full length dungarees, watching Live and Kicking gunge another hapless member of 5ive, it seemed absurd that this was not the defining pinnacle of both fashion and human achievement. But in my defence, who could have anticipated that hours spent watching Keenan and Kel were not valuable? Or that Beanie Babies and “rare” shiny Pokémon would not one day make your fortune? Or, heaven forbid, that light-up Sonic the Hedgehog trainers were not timeless?


As I flick through the ASOS magazine beside me, I see an article on how to imitate Cher’s look in Clueless, and an alarming display of plaid, denim and tiny backpacks (the perfect accessory to store your Gameboy and the latest Goosebumps book). We have Steps to thank for opening the 90’s music floodgates, a feat revisited in the recent TV series, The Big Reunion, which sees much loved bands such as Atomic Kitten and 911 reunite to celebrate the good old days.

So please, channel your inner 90’s child!  While you may not have secured a job upon graduation, embrace the fact that you can rely upon good topics of conversation such as the turbulent tabloid tales of Billie Piper through to the difficulties of trying to jam a pen into a cassette tape. And most of all, don’t be ashamed about occasionally listening to the dulcet tones of the dial up internet sound on Youtube as you fall asleep. We all do it.


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