First date: Topics of discussion


First dates can be very tricky business. Awkward silences, weird questions, creepy staring, and severe anxiety are all staple occurrences. To be perfectly honest, I’ve only really been on a few first dates…and all with the same girl. It was that odd situation where you’ve gone on a few dates with the same person, but then each one is more or less as awkward as the first. The experience leading up to my first date was not a very traditional one, but the date itself was a pretty standard (and very awkward) first date. I had actually met the girl, umm now my girlfriend, at the Vic the night before. We both lived in University Hall, so we knew it’d be pretty tough to avoid each other. When I saw her the next day we began to chat, and I asked if she wanted to go to dinner with me. Fortunately she said yes.

We went to The One Under and were seated at a back table. I wasn’t sure if the waiter intended it that way – maybe he could just tell that it would be awkward for others to watch. Anyway, from my experience (the man’s perspective), one should definitely keep the focus on the girl. As soon as you start talking about yourself it just seems like you’re self-absorbed. Answer questions, but then turn the focus back to your date. I usually don’t stray too far from the ‘acceptable questions’ category. None of the: ‘if you were a fruit what fruit would you be?’ Or ‘what historical figure would you be?’. A first date does not qualify as some freaky question and answer session, but rather an opportunity to get to know the other person. Ask detailed questions based on what he or she has told you – it shows you care, are interested, and are actually listening. On my date, there were a lot of awkward pauses, but I guess that’s just the way things go. To break the tension, when he or she asks about you, tell some funny stories. It’ll lighten the mood. From personal experience, religion and politics do not make for acceptable dinner time topics of conversation. If you don’t agree with one another’s opinion, then a heated argument may ensue. This is especially likely to happen if you’re dating a ‘type A’ person that won’t back down…

All in all, remember to keep the focus on your date, remain polite, and remember the golden rule: no politics and no religion. Expect some moments to be awkward, so compensate with funny stories, and your date will definitely warm to you. Good luck, have fun, and hopefully you can make your next first date your last one.



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