Editorial: Issue 172


It’s getting to that stage. The end of  term looms, the end of degrees for some (myself included). You could well have already been keeping track of this fourth year state of mind through Caitlin Hamilton’s Features column (on page 14).

What to do next? I’ve been constantly reminded this year that journalism is an unforgiving field of work and is horrendously difficult
to break into. Hooray.

Fortunately there are a few shafts of light. The Carnegie Club-organised St Andrews Media Conference that took place earlier this year told us that media employers are looking for evidence of practical experience gained at student publications, such as The Saint. Check.

And now that media in St Andrews has expanded well beyond The Saint (STAR, The Stand and about as many school/interest journals as there are schools/interests), that opportunity is hardly off-limits.

Yesterday The Saint’s Web Editor Elliot Davies ran a CSS/HTML class for those interested in how journalism translates into the online world. A useful skill not to be underestimated in today’s world of online press. Free and freely accessible.

The York university newspaper Nouse has also put on an event for students interested in journalism in London on 17 April, which features the likes of John Witherow, editor of The Times. I’m excited at the very least.

Basically, it’s there if you want it.

The rewards are there too, even at this level. News Editor Jonathan Bucks’ pursuit of the BritainsDNA story (the latest developments on pages 1 and 5 of this issue) has gained him – and us – some national recognition via Nature. Journalism: easy.

Well, no, it’s not. And equally it’s not for everyone. Even I find sports reporting significantly more comfortable than the rigours of taking on the news, especially when that news is maintaining a Margaret Thatcher death liveblog.

Speaking of the Iron Lady, her demise happened on the day we go to print, which was regretful for any one of several reasons. Love or
hate Thatcher, you can read what Saint journalists made of her and her legacy online.

Say you are good at comedy, or filmmaking, or are musically-gifted (editing a newspaper is a pretty poor attempt to compete with these awful people). Luckily, St Andrews has just the setting for you unfairly advantaged artistic types.

This is, of course, On The Rocks. We’ve already had around about a week of it, but it’s by no means over – this evening sees two of the
biggest events in the Half Cut Film Festival Awards Gala and the St Andrews Revue to name but two.

A place that names more than two On The Rocks events is our Arts & Culture section. OTR is splashed all over pages 22 to 25. It’d be a tragedy if you didn’t check it out.


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