Dream Destination: Barcelona


Barcelona2There is something about saying ‘I’m going to Spain’ which sounds unbelievably cool, but there is something about saying ‘I’m going to Barcelona’ which sounds unbelievably cooler – and this Easter break, I finally went to Barcelona.

Associated with flamenco dancers, bulls and, of course, FC Barca, Barcelonawas everything and more I expected it to be. A combination of history, nature, vibrant people, incredible architecture and just good old aesthetic beauty makes Barcelona an incredible city. There is so much to see: museums, art, history, architecture – but the real pleasure of Barcelona is in the wandering about.  So for future reference, allow plenty of time for simply mooching – which is what I do best and hence one of the reasons I enjoyed Spain so much. Moreover, all those stories about ‘Spanish beauty’ aren’t just stories – the Spaniards are genetically gifted with good looks – which makes the aimless walking around looking at Barcelona (and the people of Barcelona) extra rewarding.

My friend and I had great times in this city. Our daily schedules were simple: wake up whenever we wake up (usually around midday), get lunch, wander around until nightfall, eat dinner, wander around some more, go to a bar, come home, sleep, wake up and do it all again. Barcelona’s vibe is unbeatable. There is a throbbing energy. It’s not the same kind of ‘awake and alive’ as a place like New York, but there is a great atmosphere nonetheless. The Spanish know how to live. The parties are incredible, their passion for life and food and love admirable.Barcelona

The best part of this holiday was the weather. There was a giant golden thing in the sky that actually made my body feel some semblance of warmth. From the four or five layers of Scotland I was down to one in Spain, and it was a surreal feeling. The second best part was the Mediterranean, and its associated food. The sea was so blue, so sparkly, and the food was illegally delicious. Going to Barceloneta beach to wander around and eat is mandatory. It must be done. Famous for tapas, art, paella, cheap alcohol and Gaudi, being in Barcelona is like one long party. It makes you feel alive. A highly recommended destination! (If I had to colour 5 stars to highlight the force of my recommendation, I would draw a sixth and colour that too just to emphasise how fantastic I find Barcelona).

Photo credit: Flickr Commons


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