24 hours Facebook stalking… Tesco UK


This week we focused on Tesco’s Facebook page. With 1.17 million likes, there is a lot of scope for complaints to be seen, shared and commented on. The comments range from the trivial (‘You can’t deny… Aldi’s cheaper’) to the satisfied (‘I bought for the first time the Tesco Finest Beetroot and Horseradish dip……. absolutely delicious – I am quite fussy with dips but this is something else’) to the angry (‘Not at all happy that I have just ordered my shopping delivery and at the end it says the washing powder I ordered promotion ends before my delivery so I will be charged full price somehow that don’t sound fair to me’).

During a 24-hour period from 22.00 on 14th April, the page received more than 120 comments, many of which highlighted the sometimes absurd or inaccurate ‘deals’. Most of the comments were negative, drawing attention to what some called Tesco’s ‘poor’ customer service and products that don’t ‘taste much of anything’. Many also gave their opinion on Tesco’s recent decision to withdraw its guarantee that its birds are not fed GM food, a subject that roused anger in many. Not all of the comments were negative, however, with one customer commenting, ‘Lots of people comment on the Tesco page with angry comments, I just wanted to say your replies are always hilarious so you guys rock!’ Indeed, Tesco does reply to most of the posts, but those posting about horsemeat are mainly left blank, as well as those that are clearly jokes. We put together some anonymous highlights from this 24-hour period:

1. “Sorry but we’re going to have to stop shopping with you guys until you make a decision about stopping the GMO chicken. Will have to let our friends and family to do the same also. Come on guys, show your customers you care for them. If you show them you don’t care for them, why should they care about shopping with Tesco? Please get rid of the GMO meat.”

2. “Customer service and Lesmahagow Tesco do not go together,utterly disgusted with the way staff think they can act and treat customers ,walking into you with no apology and when returning something that was on shelf as buy one get one free was told they weren’t and then told they were and again never got an apology staff snigger, blue coats are the worst think there… [they] stand talking and don’t help by not moving !”

3. “Tesco Finest Barolo?? If this is the finest then god help us!! This was truly the worst £15 we have ever spent on wine, it honestly tastes like dust.”

4. “I was reading The Sun newspaper yesterday and saw that you guys and other supermarkets are going to be selling GM chicken! Well you’ve just kissed good bye to a £70 average weekly shopper and trust me I ain’t the only one – there’s many! And I ain’t coming back until you guys STOP SELLING GMO PRODUCTS! Your losing millions! FIX UP AND STOP SELLING POISON!”

5. “As a general point I feel that some of you’re staff need some training in customer service. I have just come back from 6 months in Thailand and despite a language barrier staff at Tesco in Thailand offer far better service than your Dundee stores. Scowling at customers, general rudeness and no manners. Also Tesco UK has become shockingly expensive compared to even Sainsbury’s!”

What is your experience? Which companies do you want us to Facebook stalk? Leave your suggestions and comments below or email money@thesaint-online.com


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