1000 people attend party in Queens Gardens

April 25, 2013 1:55 pm 4 comments
Photo: Camilla Henfrey

Police arrive at Queens Gardens party
Photo: Camilla Henfrey

Last night, six American golfers threw one of the biggest parties St Andrews has ever seen at 6 Queens Gardens.

The golfers, who were renting the house while visiting St Andrews, advertised the event on Facebook, with the help of a student. The news soon spread and hundreds of people confirmed that they were attending the event.

One of the golfers informed The Saint that around 1,000 people turned up to celebrate with them. The house and garden were crammed with people and party soon began to flow into the street.

The event included DJs and a live band playing harp, flute, drums and violin in the garden. The tourists also provided free beers and cocktails for their guests. Guests included Student Association president, Freddie Fforde and Director of Events and Services, Jules Findlay. Fforde later declined to comment on his attendance.

The Saint asked host Bob Spence why he decided to hold the event. He said: ‘Why have a party? My answer is “Why NOT have a party?”

He continued: “We had a great time. It was fun to see everybody having such a good time. Really, lots of good people.”

Around 11pm, the police arrived and began to try to clear people out of the street. Police Scotland confirmed that they attended the scene within three minutes of receiving a call and dealt with it in an “appropriate and efficient manner.” Anti-social behaviour orders were issued to nine party-goers.

The party was cleared by around midnight after the police threatened to take the details of those who remained in the area as spectators.

Mr Spence added that despite the police breaking up the party, they were “very nice and patient.”

Fay, the organiser of the event, said: “It just shows the power of social media and the demand for bigger events which the University can’t really provide – I don’t think that’s their fault – but it’s a shame we are limited with the size of the town. Clearly people quite like being together.

“I found the night pretty funny. People had no idea what to do. Or what they were meant to do. The Americans totally embraced it which I respect. And I think that is thanks to the students who weren’t out to cause trouble, just have a good time. I’m weirdly proud of everyone.”

DJs at the party Tallent + Droscha told The Saint: “As we got playing, 6 Queens Gardens went from us and a bunch of American nutters to a full on garden-house rave in a matter of minutes. It was short lived, but something we, and a lot of others, won’t be forgetting anytime soon. It was mental.”

Third year student, Camilla Henfrey, added: “It was actually very lovely.  It felt very surreal to be listening to this folk band at a strangers party organised on a whim which seemingly most of St Andrews showed up to.”

The University could not be reached for comment.


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