Your favourite campaign video: poll results


According to an online poll of 393 students conducted by The Saint, the most popular campaign video of this year’s elections is Alex Thornton-Reid’s “All You Need”, with 114 votes. Coming in a close second was “Stu for AU”, with 106 votes, while Teddy Woodhouse’s “Bad Dancer” took third with 44. The full results are below.

Neither Alex nor Stuart have yet managed to catch up with Amanda Litherland’s infamous “Amanda Anthem” from the 2012 elections, however, which maintains a lead of 1,200 views on YouTube (it has over 3,500 views).

The poll was not scientific. The students polled were able to choose from 10 options selected by The Saint.


  • Alex Thornton-Reid #allyouneed – 114 votes
  • Stu for AU (Pres) – 106 votes
  • Bad Dancer (Teddy Woodhouse) – 44 votes
  • Dive in with Dave – 33 votes
  • Jess Do It – 26 votes
  • Chloe Hill for Association President – 22 votes
  • Katie Yule for Charities Officer – 18 votes
  • George for Charities – 14 votes
  • Vote Dan Palmer for DoES – 12 votes
  • “Involvement” (Nathan Elias-Ruby) – 4 votes


    • We’ve clarified (see above) – Amanda’s video has over 3,500 views, so a current lead of about 1.200 over Alex Thornton-Reid’s.


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