Your favourite campaign slogan: poll results


The most popular campaign slogan of this year’s elections is Jamie Ross’ “He literally has nothing better to do with his time,” according to an online poll of 331 students carried out by The Saint, despite Jamie Ross having yet to appear at any campaign events or produce any promotional material other than a single Facebook event. He failed to appear at the Union hustings on Tuesday evening, citing a “yoghurt that expires at midnight.”

In close second place was Teddy Woodhouse’s “TeddyReady”, with 96 votes to Ross’ 104, while Jess Walker’s “Jess Do It” came in third with 38 votes. The full results can be found below.

The poll was not scientific. The students polled were able to choose from 12 options selected by The Saint.


  • “He literally has nothing better to do with his time” – 104 votes
  • “TeddyReady” – 96 votes
  • “Jess Do It” – 38 votes
  • “Yule never look back” – 23 votes
  • “Go for Gold” – 12 votes
  • “Experience. Dedication. Bowtie.” – 11 votes
  • “Think Fresh” – 11 votes
  • “Super Dan” – 10 votes
  • “No Pei no Gain” – 8 votes
  • “Stu for AU (Pres)” – 7 votes
  • “Yes we Cam” – 6 votes
  • “Dive in with Dave” – 3 votes


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