Rickshaw India


There’s nothing like that certain euphoria a traveller receives as they journey to a new place and are bombarded with dreams of upcoming adventures they hope to experience. Such a feeling is currently embedded into the minds of six St Andrews students, captivated as they prepare themselves for the noble feat of rickshawing across the Indian subcontinent from the south to the north. They will ride across back roads and city streets, facing temperatures and conditions that will test both their adversity and their capabilities (will they be able to fix any flat tire that halts their progress along the way?).

The purpose of this great endeavor is also one that deserves  to be acknowledged – these students are totally devoted to the cause. Armed with posters and JustGiving accounts (sponsor the team here), the team hopes to raise enough money to not only fund their trip, but to build a school for children in India itself. Being at a University that recognises the importance of education, both to a person’s future and their character, these students hope they can provide similar opportunities for those less fortunate than themselves. For the past few months this goal has been drawing ever closer, due to their hard work and planning. Pratham, the organization they are assisting, were astounded to hear the team was planning to raise £5000 for them, because most donations do not exceed £200. 

The trip is in association with both the St Andrews Charity Campaign as well as STAAG (St Andrews Adventures Group) and will take place during  June and July. This will mean that the travellers will be trekking across the country during the hottest time of the year. While this may seem insane, the group is dedicated to the cause, and look forward to experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

If you are interested in helping the team, or simply finding out more about their fundraising, visit their website.

Rickshaw India


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