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Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools that many companies use to promote their businesses and reach millions of potential customers without incurring high costs. Many create their own Facebook page for people to ‘like’ and show their appreciation, but this also leaves the door open for disgruntled customers to publicly display their negative feedback. This powerful form of consumer engagement has the potential to massively boost the profile of a company, but at the same time it can also do tremendous damage to a brand.

We monitored several companies’ Facebook pages over a 24 hour period to gauge the level of customer feedback. Of course, this is neither representative of the views of The Saint nor an accurate reflection of total customer satisfaction.

Today we focus on mobile network and broadband operator T-Mobile. It is part of the EE brand that also comprises Orange to form the largest mobile network in the UK. We tracked their public Facebook page for 24 hours from 15:00 on March 21, 2013, during which time T-mobile received over 40 individual posts from angry or confused customers. Complaints ranged from missing orders to long waits on customer service calls. Almost all comments were answered rapidly with helpful comments from the official T-Mobile UK Facebook account, but many customers said subsequently that weeks later their issues had still not been resolved. Whilst often ineloquently worded and written with little or no due diligence to proper grammar or spelling, many of these posts offer damning criticism of the company. We list some anonymous highlights from that 24 hour period:

  1.  ‘Tmobile as a network are disgusting with shocking customer service!!!’
  2.  ‘Can you anser some questions. 1.)Why do we have to write a letter to complain when you can lie over the phone and make us upgrade in 3 mins 2) Why cant we speak to a manager while we are on the phone rather then being promised a call back and not getting it. All this shows me is your staff are incapable of dealing with issues 3)Why do your staff lie or give incorrect information 4) why do they not update notes 5)why are we tied in to contracts that were mis sold to us 6)why has signal gone crap after the whoe EE thing 7)How to you measure qualiy of service you provide 8)what action is taken against employees that lie and miss sell’
  3. ‘What a useless company you are…..Philipines call centres that can’t actually sort any problems. Will NEVER use you again.!!’
  4. ‘T-mobile is a disgrace to the human race and i would rather they take me to court or i go to CITIZEN ADVISE BEREAU about these bills they are sending me because if someone doesnt take it futher it will continue i got friends who left t-mobile because of the same issues, they keep giving ppl wrong information also their automative system 150 telling you wrong info and when u ring them to speak about it they are being very abusive and disrespectful and im not happ at all kmt’
  5. ‘You guys absolutely suck. I called customer services at 1657 yesterday and was promised a call back as you needed to check an issue, call was promised within an hour. No call from you by 1130 this morning so I called again. Was then told the call back time frame is within 24hrs and I was down for a call. Well 1830 hrs now, well over 24hrs and no reply. What are the odds nobody from T-Mobile calls. I now put you at the top of my list for the worse customer services offered by any company I have ever dealt with. You are a bunch of douche bags, who I will never recommend to anybody.’

If you have had similar experiences with T-Mobile or want to suggest another company for us to track then please let us know, either by commenting below or emailing money@thesaint-online.com.


    • T-Mo-BILE the worse company ever, was told in store that cos we were leaving them, given duff advise, selling dpt tried to misell me a phone by saying the experia Z is exactly the same as the z1, ive tried to unlock my phone twice first refused cos said i provided incorrect number, the number is the same as whats on the paperwork so had to phone again at 14p per min, been informed that cos i used pac code before last date ( is was told i could)im incurring a 25 quid leaving early charge, even though my final bill does show this, the contact centre lad spoke very quick and was uninelligable, spoke to superviser who actually sneered at me, I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN

  1. Stalking an extreme measure I agree entirely, yet merely reflects the enormity of consumer frustration, I am more than confident of why people resort to media madness. I am an adult mental health sufferer of unique individuality; educated in several fields of profession in my 42-years of life and an incredibly adept and proficient communicator on the whole, yet whose many recorded letters; careful and intelligent emails, attempts at communication with T-Mobile – all ignored whilst seeking a final solution to the consumer-disenfranchised angst: I feel a great deal of distress towards their finite ‘contact us’ web pages that do nothing to connect me with any live chat or direct email customer care agents – non-existent in all cases of up-front consumer resolution.

    I am owed money by T Mobile – precisely £30 in total and cannot get this back because they closed one active account without my permission all because I had a replacement new PAYG USB Internet Broadband dongle with a different number whilst the previous one broke. Customer accounts are automatically and apparently deleted in the process of any new Broadband account, even whilst the former account still an active one in my personal experiences. Part of the money loss also comes from a recent new breakage of my USB broadband dongle where Internet data usage lost for at least a whole week or more and went to my local store only to be informed that I must now buy a new replacement Brick at £50.00 – losing at least 30% of my existing data usage as a result. Of course I cannot afford the £50.00 price tag and forced like other consumers to go to several mobile broadband stores to get the best affordable deal going, and now stuck with EE whose charges for 4/5 days worth of basic Internet browsing fall spectacularly well outside of my personal budget of £15.00.

    Without any exaggeration, I went back-forth and fro with T-Mobile from the very moment my credit in 2014 not applied to my Internet account – £22.00 still exists and called them and they promised to credit my account, only then to close it without prior notification due to a new BB mobile dongle number. I have thoroughly and articulately explained and done everything in my human powers to redress the transaction issues in the above cases; spent hugely on postage; calls and Internet usage Facebook emails about all of this to no avail – even explaining my mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The article writer needs to contact me directly and will give an entire history of my situation and all of the attempts I have made to resolve the problems with T Mobile without resorting to legal action itself.

    Please help me and please get me a massively reduced (new) data brick that T Mobile no longer provides USB PAYG dongles. I am in supported living housing and can prove my ongoing frustrations and dispute with this multi-millionaire company – I have yet to write a particularly nasty piece of stuff about them but refrain from doing so because of my immensely reserved and peace-loving character.


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