Your Union Elections 2013: the rules and regulations



Who can run for election?

Any matriculated St Andrews student can be nominated for any position as long as they are not currently banned from the Union building and have no outstanding personal debts to the Association.

There are extra requirements for various positions, including AU President, who must have been on a committee of one of the AU’s constituent clubs and must be on good standing with the AU and the University. Candidates for AU President are required to contact the AU prior to nominations to ensure they are eligible to run. School Presidents have to be entering at least their third year in Honours and must be a student in the relevant school. Joint Honours students can stand for election in either school, but not both. Senate Reps must be members of the relevant faculty and Postgraduate President has to be a postgraduate student.

Candidates are not permitted to run for more than one position in the Students’ Association. A Senate Rep is a University position, however, and therefore a candidate may also run for a Students’ Association position.


How are candidates nominated?

All candidates—with the exception of School Presidents— must be proposed and seconded by two different matriculated students who are not banned from the Union and have no debts to the Association. School Presidents do not need to be proposed and seconded.

Nominations for all positions went online on Monday 25 February on the Union website and will close on Friday 1 March at 12pm for AU President and 5pm for all other positions.

The nominated candidates must then attend a compulsory meeting at 6pm on Friday 1 March in Venue 1.

Can nominations be withdrawn?

Candidates are allowed to withdraw their nomination at any point during the election period, before the polls open.


What happens during the campaign period?

The campaigning period will take place as soon as the candidates’ meeting on Friday 1 March finishes. It ends on Friday 8 March, polling day.

A candidate’s campaign team is defined as anyone who actively campaigns on that person’s behalf, and all ordinary, life or honorary members of the Association are entitled to campaign. The Elections Team has reminded candidates that they are required to ensure their campaign team is fully aware of the election rules.

Campaign Rules

Blackmail, bribery, harassment and personal attacks on other candidates are strictly prohibited.

Campaigning cannot take place in lectures, seminars, lab classes, or in the library.

No active campaigning can take place in the Union on voting day.

Heckllings and the Sabbatical Debate

Hecklings for all candidates will take place on Monday 4 March and Tuesday 5 March. 

Each candidate running for a sabbatical position will get the chance to speak for four minutes, followed by six minutes of questions. All other candidates will speak for two minutes, followed by three minutes of questions.

Hecklings for AU President and for School Presidents will take place at a separate time.

Hall hecklings will also take place for sabbatical candidates only.

The sabbatical debate will happen on Wednesday 6 March and will be attended by all  the Sabbatical Candidates, including AU President.

A separate debate for each position will take place. Candidates are allowed to speak for two minutes each, followed questions from the floor to be answered by all candidates. The debate will conclude with a one minute speech from each candidate.


The budget is £103 for sabbatical candidates; £36 for all other candidates.

If a candidate wins by more than a certain percentage of the total vote for his/her position, the Elections Team will repay half of his/her budget. This depends on how many candidates ran for the position:

  • If there are four candidates or fewer — 25% of the vote is needed
  • Five candidates — 20%
  • Six candidates — 16.6%
  • Seven candidates —14.2%

Voting and Results

Voting will open on Friday 8 March and results will be announced on the same evening.


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