The Saint’s guide to the Sabbatical positions


As nominations for the Students’ Association elections opened on the 25 February and continue all this week, The Saint is on hand to give an idea of what positions we’re voting for, or if you’re planning on running, what responsibilities those positions entail. Here’s a brief guide to the different responsibilities of the Sabbatical Officers.

The Sabbatical Officers are elected by students every March. They have either graduated or are between third and fourth year and spend their time in office working full time for the Students’ Association, leading and directing most of its affairs, and ensuring the smooth running of the organisation.

The Association President and the Director of Representation are responsible for representing student interests to the University and external organisations, including the government. They are helped by the Students’ Representative Council in their activities, and they in turn control the SRC’s discretionary fund.

The Director of Student Development and Activities is responsible for the line management of most of the members in the Union Council, which is an organisation for the leaders of societies in the University.

The DoSDA also recommends to the Association Board the level of funding to be given to the members of the Union Council, and helps Council members in their executive duties. He or she also approves expenditure and reports on Union Council activity to the Association Board.

The Director of Events and Services is responsible for managing student input regarding bar and entertainment services at the Union, and is involved in the strategic planning of the Association’s events programme, which includes important events like Freshers’ Week and the Graduation Ball.


  1. The AU president is also a sabbatical position. It is disappointing how little the Saint seems to have to say about it and also the fact that is now uncontested by the incumbent who only recently changed the constitution to allow incumbents to run…


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