The Saint introduces – Mad Jack

Mad Jack. Photo: Yuchen Shang
Mad Jack. Photo: Yuchen Shang
Mad Jack. Photo: Yuchen Shang

Name: Mad Jack

Sounds like: Indie-Folk

Members: Gabriela Machado – Vo­cals, Michael Clark – Vocals/Gui­tar, Paddy Soulsby – Guitar, Tessa Ewart – Violin

Description: Although a relatively a new group in St Andrews, Mad Jack have immediately made an impression on the local music scene. Their effortlessly natural and well-balanced sound com­bines both male and female lead vocals with two guitars and a fid­dle. One of the band’s guitarists delivers sensitivity through tender finger-picking and the other is able to add rhythm and energy through strumming. Meanwhile, the beauti­ful harmonies of the two vocalists are complimented brilliantly by the mellow and atmospheric fiddle. The end result is a band that fits together perfectly, and their cover version of “Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel never fails to charm the crowd at any of their gigs. Mad Jack can be heard per­forming at The Saint Live on Thurs­day 7 March in Venue 1.

Band motto: Any officer who goes into action without his sword is im­properly armed.

Find them on: Facebook


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