Students stage demonstration for plastic bag awareness

Photo: Anna Gudnason
Photo:  Anna Gudnason
Photo: Anna Gudnason

A group of students staged a demonstration outside Tesco on Market Street yesterday from 12:30-2:00 p.m. and 5:30-7:00 p.m, calling for more awareness of plastic bag usage amongst St Andreans.

The group put up a large banner, passed out handmade flyers, and put ‘NO PLASTIC BAGS’ flyers at the self-checkout counters in Tesco.

According to Nathan Ruby, a student involved in the event, it also drew “a few local acts to improvise music about the campaign on the spot such as Ziyad Elfric, Ghostpony and the conscientious rap group, Lyrical Surgery.” He adds that “We had a really good showing of people at our primary campaign at 2 helping us to hold our giant banner and pass out flyers…some lent us their house to hang banners and speakers out of… and the staff at Tesco were very supportive”.

Ruby goes on to say that campaign was directed at all St Andreans, and that it is “unacceptable to walk 10 minutes from your house go into a shop, buy a ready meal for the night, get it shoved in a plastic bag, and then throw that bag out at the end of the night”.

The group is also trying to spread the word about a 5p plastic bag charge that is currently being considered in the Scottish government. According to a BBC article, a similar scheme in Wales had “significantly reduced plastic bag use” in the region.

It is hard to change people’s bad habits, but Maurice Bryson, the chief organizer, said that “just changing 10 or 11 people’s minds that day to think about their consumption of harmful materials is a really positive step forward, if we can simply do that, I’ll be happy”


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