Saints win rematch, beat Lions in definitive style


St. Andrews Men’s Lacrosse came back second-term, thumping the Glasgow Lions 15-6.  There was no contest in the first-half—the Saints controlled on offense and took the upper hand on defense.  Goals came easy and the differential was comfortable by half-time; but the Lions stayed competitive.

Photo by Zach Kafcsak

Tense rivalry between the Lions and St. Andrews has been standard since the teams’ first meeting, when St. Andrews beat a driven squad from Glasgow in the fall.  This year’s meeting—away for The Saints—was reminiscent of a terrible loss put on a despondent St Andrew’s team nearly one year earlier by the Lions.  Only the location was the same this round; St Andrews was prepared and played hard, smart lacrosse throughout the game.  Despite losing some focus in the second-half, when their relatively average conditioning began to show, St Andrews demonstrated superior talent across the field.

Chris Andrews (’16) earned Man-of-the-Match for the Saints, with some hard-fought riding and solid play on offense, while Zach Kafcsak (’13) got an honorable mention for donning the zebra-stripes and volunteering as a substitute referee.

St. Andrews is advancing through the Quarter Finals for the BUCS Trophy, following a snow delay this week against the University of Edinburgh, who plan to concede due to a number of injured or inactive players on their roster.  After a well-earned rest, the Saints begin preparations for what lies ahead: University of Stirling and Edinburgh City next week, with the BUCS Semi Finals against Leeds the week following.


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