Mr St Andrews

Photo Credit: RAG Week

Mr St Andrews was a roar-some event! And no, Mr McLion did not win. After a late start (wasn’t it kind of them to wait for me to arrive!) the evening’s announcers began a round of would you rather with the contestants, highlights of which included Mr LGBT’s response of, “Well I don’t like vaginas, so penises for fingers” to the question, “Would you rather have a vagina for a nose or penises for fingers?” One contestant was eliminated for least amount of money raised for charity, a solid reminder that they’re not just there for the women (and men) to gawk at.

The next round involved an audience volunteer and the men’s best chat up lines, or if you’re Mr Athletic Union, simply mounting the poor girl and letting your muscles do all the talking (okay, who am I kidding, I don’t feel bad for her at all). Next, on to the sex positions! The men were paired together and given the name of a sex position (which the audience could see an illustration of) and told to enact what they thought the pose was. Points were awarded for “accuracy and creativity” and oh, were they creative! But this turned out to be tame compared to the cucumbers and condoms round that followed…

Not sure I’ve ever seen so many condoms used on one stage! The contestants were paired up, given a cucumber and pack of condoms, and told to use their mouths to get them onto the cucumber. Two groups managed six…what a waste, right?! Before the intermission, the Misters (and Freddie Fforde) were auctioned off for charity, raising almost $500! One of the buyers was actually Mr Freddie Fforde himself, who purchased Mr DRA. Following the intermission, the raffle took place, which offered a selection of sex toys and games.

The next few rounds went quickly, with the fitness and talent portions eliminating players down to the final three. The hockey girl strip – take them down to their panties and t-shirts as fast as you can – was quite interesting… Two of the girls ended up in their bras due to some overly eager ‘fellas. Finally, the night came to a close with the final round: a scavenger hunt. Items to find: a foreign coin, a ribbed condom, a bra, and someone willing to come kiss you on stage.

After two coins, three bras, and countless condoms were presented to the judges, a tie-breaker decided the winner… Mr Race2!!! Congratulations for finding that tie-breaking condom. We all applaud you and hope that your reign as Mr St Andrews 2013 is exactly what you were hoping for!

Check out The Saint‘s photos of the Mr St Andrews here.


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