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Here in the Fashion Kingdom of Fife (our grandiose, but more than apt full title), we once again saw our small town transformed into a massive fashion event on Saturday for the Charity Fashion Show: FS2013.

Ushered in through the beautiful Sallie’s Quad, you lose absolutely all sense of being in a small town on the edge of Scotland – barring the high proportion of red trousers one can spot in an evening.  As the buzz of one of St. Andrews’ most popular events rushes over you, New York or Milan comes to mind, not Fife.  The music is the first thing to hit you, and before even attempting to describe the splendour of thigh, bum and chest that adorned the clothes of FS thanks to its dedicated team of models, it is vital we applaud the DJs whose incredible music was key to making this the must experience event of any student’s university life.

The FS committee clearly take responsible drinking seriously as a table for ten is furnished with just two bottles of champagne, but all is forgiven as the stage is lit to reveal hooded and cloaked models for a dramatic opening walk.  The crowd, many of whom I suspect had already seen off their champagne and hit the bar, press up against the catwalk, cheering on the huge spectacle created by the gorgeous models and intense music.  This energy didn’t even think about abating until the interval, which saw Freddie Fforde hit the catwalk replete with bold personality and an even bolder outfit as the charity auctioneer. His impressive attire clearly did the trick (or maybe it was the topless models accompanying him) as an Oktoberfest table sold for a staggering £2400 alongside designer shoes, bikes, meals and a belt that this reporter was bitter to have missed out on!

The Alfa Romeo Young Designer’s Award restarted both the show and the incredible atmosphere.  Bold red and black patterns were the order of the evening and with the crowd and models’ parents vying to show their appreciation, they returned to the catwalk with a bang.  Alcohol flowing, thankfully not onto my new blazer, the whooping is renewed as model after model delivers stunning, faultless walks exhibiting outfits from Tommy Hilfiger, East Club and MLTV to name but a few.  A special mention has to go to 21st Century Kilts however, as their re-imagining of the classic Scottish dress was apt and incredible, coupled with tartan suits and check shirts as formal wear, very on trend for 2013 might I add! All the models were astounding, with real personality and vital confidence engaging the crowd – setting this show up as the one to beat in St. Andrews’ surprisingly lengthy fashion season.  The finale sees a well-chosen ‘casual’ walk as the models shake hands, hug, high-five and acquire variously kebabs, liberal soakings of champagne and the desire to cartwheel.  No matter what you think of the fashion, FS created a buzzing atmosphere, and when all that noise and energy is focused on a group of good-looking people standing high up, it’s amazing.

With a phenomenally quick teardown, the venue was transformed into its own after-party. Music ran on long into the night with the double-sided room leaving space to both dance furiously and gossip about the best bits of the night or find out where the after-after parties were just beginning.

FS is a phenomenal night which brings together every type, age, party-animal and fashion-follower in the university for an event that has the right to boast about being St. Andrews’ best.


You can read Emily Hill’s verdict on FS here.


  1. FS is silly overpriced nonsense. Having modeled in it previously (2nd year), it is one of those events that continue to bathe our campus in perfumes of ‘poshness’, where a bunch of stuck up students throw their money around after boozing up extensively. Yes it is for charity, yes it has pretty lights and umbrellas hanging in the air, but no, its not worth 70 pounds for some alright djing and looking at clothes. Festivals are worth that much and you get so much more out of it. FS is mostly a place where the uni-socialites go to show off and be seen out… how disappointing when the art of fashion is such an intriguing thing that should be available to all to appreciate.

  2. ‘FS created a buzzing atmosphere, and when all that noise and energy is focused on a group of good-looking people standing high up, it’s amazing.’ This was by far my favourite part of the show.


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