This was going to be the highlight of my weekend, it really was. I wanted so badly to enjoy this ball, but it was a mess. Admittedly, I went with high expectations, but these seemed to be justified – a good venue, decent ticket price and inventive theme.

We had nine o’clock wristbands, and duly turned up at quarter past nine to get the buses to Kinkell. We seemed to be the only ones there, had our ID and bands checked and got on the bus. After waiting a while for others to join and fill up the bus (this never happened, and we were left with only 14 on a full sized-coach), we were on our way! Maybe this should have been our first clue that everyone was predrinking a bit too hard…

On arrival at Kinkell, we were ushered into the reception area, and greeted with the tiniest amount of champagne. In fact, many people grabbed multiple glasses to make one decent sized glass.

We then wandered through to the venue itself. The decoration was highly lacking, with the only mention of Carnival being some masks on the wall, location signs and beads scattered around. To be fair though, Kinkell is quite easy to make ball-ready, so not much is needed.

Owl Eyes were present with their photobooth – one of my personal highlights. A beautiful red backdrop, plenty of amusing props, good lighting and charming photographers made for many lovely albums. The Janettas stall was also a godsend, with plenty of flavours and a short, rapidly moving queue. The live bands were great; I believe  the first was a jazz ensemble, followed by the Dirty Hemingways.

However, from thereon out, it spiralled downhill rather fast. There were three bars, but I’ve been told that you could only get mixer at the main one. The queues for the bathrooms were horrendous and extended well down the hallway. Multiple people were drunk to the point of vomiting and not all made it to the bathroom in time. We’ve also been told that the mess was so bad the next day that the ball committee were asked to return to help clean it up.

All in all, this overhyped event had the potential to be great (with plenty of cheap messy bombs to go around), but the execution was poor and the audience was just too drunk. Better luck next time DRA…



  1. Maybe you should have thought ahead and gotten 10pm or 11pm tickets as those were the most popular and everyone seemed to know that.

    Second, it’s hall ball what do you expect? There was clearly a budget and for 12 pounds it was pretty decent, especially considering you got free champagne and free ice cream.

    Third, the committee is always supposed to be there for the clean-up regardless of there being a huge disaster.

    Fourth, there were four bars not three.

    Fifth, how could DRA control how drunk people got? That’s the case at every event.

    As long as people had fun, who the heck cares?


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