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Seeing as the Feast of the Crusaders is coming up next week, I thought I’d catch up with Mateusz Lackowski from the Shire of Caer Caledon to find out what it’s all about…

Q – What is the Shire of Caer Caledon all about and what does the society do in general?

A – The Shire of Caer Caledon is an independent shire, researching and re-enacting various aspects of mediaeval life while having loads of fun along the way. The name is believed to be derived from the Welsh ‘kaer’ meaning ‘fortress’ and ‘Caledonia’, the Latin name for Scotland. We organise and participate in many different events including tournaments, fayres and naturally, feasts. We also host weekly fighting sessions and guild meetings (which include cooks, clothiers, bards, brewers and artisans).

Q – So what exactly is the Feast of the Crusaders?

A – The Feast of the Crusaders is one of our penultimate feast of the year (last one being Beltane Feast on 27th April), this time we’re “crusading” into Byzantine foods. This feast will be made up from 2 platters (with 3 dishes on each) and 3 intermissions. It will be held on 2nd March in St Andrews Episcopal Church Hall, St Andrews, with doors opening at 6:30pm and first course served at 7pm. Tickets are £10 for members, £12 for non-members and £12 for ticket and membership, booking by emailing to shire@st-andrews.ac.uk is essential.

Q – Do you put events like this on often?

A – Yes we had feasts last semester, we have 4 every year one at start and end of each semester.

Q – Any parting words about the Feast?

A – The best food you’ll have in a week… In fact it will probably last you for a week.


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