‘Kum Dine with Me’, be my Valentine



Scallops with a pea-mint purée

A couple of days ago I ventured down to the fishmongers on South Street and treated myself to some decent quality ingredients for a couple of recipes I wanted to try out. Andrew Keracher’s has a great variety of fresh seafood on offer, and even speciality ingredients if you’re into making sushi.

Anyway, the first thing I fancied eating was some pan-fried scallops with a pea and mint purée – this is unbelievably easy to get right. A solid option for a Valentine’s day starter, or dinner for one…

Here’s what you’ll need to serve two people:
6 fresh large scallops (detach the roe if you find it unappetizing, or fry them off separately)
A splodge of butter
400g of frozen peas
1 chicken stock cube in 100ml of hot water
Half teaspoon of mint sauce
Fresh mint to garnish

scallop and peas

Start by making the pea and mint purée (you can do this a while in advance, it’ll keep in the fridge). Dissolve the stock in 100ml of boiled water, and then add the peas to this. Stir the peas so that they are all defrosted.

Use a liquidiser or hand blender to whizz the peas into a smooth mixture.  Add the mint sauce, and blitz again quickly. Season to taste, and you’re done.

Now for the scallops: Add some butter to a hot frying pan, and season the scallops on both sides. Pan fry for 2-3 minutes on each side, until they have a nice caramelised appearance and are still soft in the middle. You don’t want to ruin their sweetness and texture by overcooking. Serve them hot on a bed of the warm pea purée… Yum!


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