How will the elections run fairly?


The Elections Committee have put in place a number of rules to ensure the elections are run fairly.


There are strict rules regarding campaign teams. University and Union staff are not allowed to campaign for candidates and students who work for the University cannot campaign while working.

Candidates cannot use any position of responsibility to actively advertise their campaign and are prohibited from using personal or work contacts to gain an unfair financial advantage over their rivals.

Affiliated societies or sub-committees are not allowed to officially endorse any candidate.


Campaign budgets are closely regulated by the Elections Team. Every expenditure must be approved by a member of the Elections Team and budget records will be kept in the Elections Office. Sabbatical Candidates have a £103 budget whilst candidates for all other position will be given £36.

Candidates who cannot afford the budget to run a campaign can receive financial help from the Elections Committee, as long as they have “evidence of financial hardship”.


Publicity is deducted from campaign budgets and candidates must produce receipts for all the publicity they use. The Elections Team have also said that they reserve the right to charge a different price in “exceptional circumstances”.

The Elections Team must validate all printed publicity. Un-validated items may be destroyed.

Candidates are allowed to create pages, profiles, or events on Facebook, but are prohibited from creating groups as current Facebook rules allow the adding of people to groups without their choosing. Paid advertisements on Facebook are also allowed.

However, candidates cannot use any pre-existing social media groups or websites to promote their campaigns. They are also prohibited from using a society or school mailing list to “harvest email addresses, phone numbers or any other data”.



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