Editorial: Issue 169


21 December 2012. The world survived it, The Saint survived it, but our place in a wee hut next to the Union did not. 2013 has brought in a great deal of change for us. And, as you have correctly guessed, that is what I am going to tell you about now.

Firstly, a new office. An arrangement was agreed upon with the Students’ Association for us to relocate into the Union building, where we will stay until our final print issue of 2012-13 in April. After that… well, it won’t be my decision to make.

Secondly, a paper redesign. Our website had improved significantly in 2012, thanks to our decision to invest more money into it (there’s only so much a Web Editor can do when the tools we give them are not fit for purpose) and also thanks to the wizardry of our current Web Editor. All of this meant that the newspaper had fallen behind the standard of the online publication.

Steps to improve that situation have included increased standardisation throughout the paper, more use of section colours and improved links to exclusive online content. Essentially we think it now looks more like, well, a newspaper, and we’ll be looking to continue to improve throughout this semester and beyond.

On the front page – yes, turn it over… and back to me – you’ll also see a new tagline. We were “St Andrews’ Independent Student Newspaper”, and of course we still are that, but it seemed a bit like stating the obvious. The words now in place are “The independent voice of St Andrews students”. Subtle difference, yes, but I think it captures our desire to reflect the investigative and writing talents of students here, as well as the wide scale of student activity and opinion.

If you want your voice heard and ability recognised – as writer, photographer, illustrator, web aficionado, whatever – you can drop us an email. Alternatively, check out the ‘Get Involved’ page on our website for more information about team meetings, article deadlines and the like.


Some things never change. One of those being, ‘What am I going to do with my degree?’ A High Flier Research report published last month placed St Andrews outside the top 20 UK universities targeted by top employers.

The message is clear. Simply going to St Andrews is not enough any more. That is not to say that a St Andrews education is useless. Far from it. The town and University provide us with myriad opportunities to throw ourselves into societies, events and campaigns.

Be it the Charities Campaign, Mostly Harmless Society, the Table Tennis Club or The Saint, there are opportunities here for those proactive enough to seek them. Sometimes they are even fun. Yes, even The Saint.

The University here is not perfect, we all know that. But don’t go blaming the Principal or Union President if you drift through your degree, letting chances to widen your experience slip by, and end up staring gloomily at those graduate unemployment figures. St Andrews can help you into a job, but it can’t gift you one.


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