Clan Warfare – Review

Clan Warfare photo

Clan Warfare photoOne of the most eagerly anticipated events of any semester beginning in St Andrews, Clan Warfare on Friday did not disappoint. How could it really, with overexcited students, face paint, alcohol and deep seated hall rivalries?

The Union was busy, as was to be expected, and by midnight Venue 1 was filling up nicely. Drinks were flowing, and the standard cheesy bop playlist was interspersed with various hall chants. Messages were also being texted to appear on the big screen – multiple people felt the need for a “hottie alert” as they were “on the pull”, and it seems that The Other Guys still need to learn that hash tags are only appropriate for Twitter .

Obviously, University Hall were crowned the winners (is anyone else beginning to think this may be something do to with their vodka bar?), but there was more than just hall pride at stake to kick off RAG Week. The contestants for Mr St Andrews were also present, competing in various challenges as they were cheered on in the bop. These included arm wrestling and whipped cream pie eating, however in the confusion some of the competitors managed to miss it. A member of Union staff told us that more challenges were planned, but cancelled last minute due to being “inappropriate”. So we’ll see you on Tuesday for the finale of this viciously fought competition?


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