Agnes Blackadder welcomes new multi-faith room

Photo: Hannah Raval
Photo: Hannah Raval
Photo: Hannah Raval

The opening of a new multi-faith space in Agnes Blackadder Hall on Friday 8 February saw seven student faith soci­eties come together to mark the event.

The new room means that there is now a space for worship closer to the North Haugh, available for science students as well as residents of Agnes Blackadder Hall and David Russell Apartments. It also increases the space for prayer across the University.

Zieshan Karim, Senior Student of Agnes Blackadder Hall, said he was “absolutely delighted” when he heard about the expansion. “As a practising Muslim, space is very limited in our rooms and the multi-faith room would be a perfect place to carry out prayer,” he told The Saint.

Andrew Smith, Co-Chair of the In­terfaith Steering Group and President of the Eastern Religions Society, said he was “pleased to witness the coming together of so many faiths in a celebra­tion of spirituality.”

“Our University should be a place where people of diverse beliefs can worship respectfully alongside one an­other,” added Clara Low, secretary of the Pagan Religions Society.

“Rob Warren, the warden of Agnes Blackadder, was very enthusiastic,” Rev MacEwan, University Chaplain, explained. “Agnes Blackadder is very international and there’s a real multi-cultural feel there already. They were redeveloping the hall and changing spaces around and this space was left vacant,” he said.


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