First-term success places men’s lacrosse in BUCS quarterfinals

Photo by cooper.gary

The St Andrews Men’s Lacrosse Club faces a prodigious Martinmas schedule.  Solid performance first-term puts the team at the top of the BUCS Scottish 1A lacrosse league; their next opponent—University of Edinburgh—will host them midway through Week 2.  St Andrews faces Edinburgh the following week for the BUCS Trophy Quarter Finals, a tournament St Andrews has won before but not recently.

St Andrews leaves first-term with a fifty-five goal differential on the league’s second-seeded team (University of Edinburgh).  Undefeated in BUCS competition, the Saints lost once in the larger Scottish Lacrosse League to a non-university club team, Edinburgh City.

Practices resume Week 1 for the Saints—accessing the new astro field is sure to payoff with mid-winter frost.  Last year ended unfortunately when University of Stirling returned home, not playing St. Andrews, the host, due to inclement weather and pitch cancellations.

All around it was a good first term, and the Saints now have a shot at the BUCS Trophy.  Things are looking good, the twine is fresh for snippin’.  The Saints—back again.


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