Win under the light

Photo: Ahmed Mahin Fayaz

University of St Andrews Mens Lacrosse defeated Glasgow University on Wednesday. The match was conceded by Glasgow, who failed to bring the minimum ten players necessary to field a team. St Andrews lent their opponents three players so that a scrimmage could be held instead. Though a win by forfeit awards the victor a three-point victory, the Saints were disappointed they could not add more to this season’s (already massive) goal differential which they hold over the league.

Under a darkening sky, both teams scrimmaged with solid intensity from the start. Samuel McCulloch (’13), Will Ross (’15), and JSA Paul Traver joined the Glasgow University players to form a formidable midfield-line. Chris Andrews (’16) orchestrated some crafty looks on offense, and Andrew Shen (’14) proved that he knows how to move out of the crease as well, scoring some smooth goals on offense. Graham Higgins (’13) had another consistent game on defense, while Jeremy Manore (’14) shocked the world by stepping-up in the net, throwing some crisp clears and managing a handful of nice saves. No score was kept during this scrimmage.

Unfortunately the illumination provided by two portable stadium-lights proved thoroughly insufficient and the game had to be called early after about two-quarters worth of play.


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