Secret St Andrews – The world is full of secrets


Secret St Andrews is back and ready to display more of your confessions! (And yes, the title of this entry does sound like a bad James Bond film.) The concept is based on the PostSecret project, and last year’s display at the Barron was a huge success, with hundreds of postcards collected.

Poster for Secret St Andrews

As Emma Edwards, marketing coordinator of the Charities Campaign, put it, the secrets ranged from “admissions of sexual misconduct and criminal activity to confessions of secret desires, fears, embarrassing habits, hopes and dreams.”

There are only two rules: the secret must be truthful and it “must never have been spoken before.”

Rascals will be hosting the postcard art exhibition this year, with live music from the JazzWorks band and a signature “Secret Cocktail” to try out.

If you’re feeling lucky, “like” the Secret St Andrews poster on The Saint’s Facebook page for a chance to win a pair of tickets. Ticket sales are outside the library tomorrow from 12:00-15:00. See you Thursday at 21:30!

 Keep calm and bubble on! Xxx


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