Roberto Di Matteo’s axing: Not as unfair as we think


Matt Gibson thinks that Roman Abramovich is not as mad as he seems. For the most part…

Chelsea’s enigmatic owner, Roman Abramovich (Photo: Marina Lystseva)

Let me start by saying that I do not agree with Abramovich’s decision to sack Roberto di Matteo. Di Matteo’s sacking was largely in part due to the current form of Chelsea in the Champions League, but let’s not forget that they would not have been there had he not guided them to trophy last season. I agree with the fact that a man who won 2 major trophies in 262 days should have been given a season at least, but before we all begin to condemn Abramovich’s decision, I put it to you that this may be a rational decision.

What people (and Chelsea fans in particular) aren’t impressed with is the lack of stability at the club. The constant changing of management is not good for the club in the long run; well, that’s the myth at least. Of course people will tell me to look at Ferguson at United and the stability he has brought to the club, and I cannot argue against United; they have been the most successful English team for quite a while now. What I can argue against however is this idea that stability always breeds success. Look at Arsenal for example; the last time Arsenal won a trophy, Tony Blair was in office, Raheem Sterling was 10 and Crocs were cool. In the 7 years of stability at Arsenal, they have won a grand total of 0 trophies, in the same 7 year period Chelsea have won a champions league, 2 league titles, a league cup and 4 F.A cups.

Abramovich’s hire-and-fire technique can’t be put into question because, simply put, it works. If the club continues to win trophies then his method will remain the same. The timing of Abramovich’s sackings are never that surprising either, and it is hardly as if Chelsea fans will be happy that their team are unlikely to make the knockout stages (and become the first holders not to do so). It isn’t just Chelsea that have this chop and change set up in place: Real Madrid are famous for it too. Fabio Capello was famously sacked after winning La Liga which really questioned if the hierarchy knew what was going on or not. They did: Bernd Schuster then won the La Liga the next season.

What do fans want to see? You can feed me rubbish about wanting to see great football and tiki-taka play, but after all is said and done, fans want trophies. I know people will say that Chelsea could have won more trophies had managers been given more time. Ancelotti is the man that still has a place in many Chelsea fans’ hearts and his sacking was shocking to many,since this is the man who won a double at his time at the Bridge. There is a but however: the following season Chelsea won their first Champions League. If that doesn’t back up Abramovich’s decisions regarding managers then I don’t know what will.


  1. Of course, the first seven years of stability at Arsenal under Wenger brought 3 league titles and three FA cups, as well as countless other minor trophies, top-two finishes, Champions League campaigns, a UEFA cup final and a record-breaking undefeated run. And the 7 years of 0 trophies also contained the first London club to compete in a Champions League final, as well as continuing a run of 15 consecutive CL qualifications. All of Chelski’s major trophies have come under the two managers given more than a few months – Mourinho and Ancelotti. That RDM wasn’t able to continue this trend is to the eternal shame of Abramovich. This has been yet another hilariously embarrassing week in Chelsea’s modern history.

    • I’m not arguing whether Wenger is a good manager or not, he most certainly is. What I am arguing is that, given the managerial stability at the Emirates you would expect there to have been more trophies.

      Lets not forget that Chelsea too lost in a champions league final and would’ve been in another had they not been on the receiving end of one of the worst refereeing performances ever.


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