Review: The Mo Show, Ginger Moustaches All Round!

The Mo Show Poster

After interviewing Andy Clark last week, I was really excited for The Mo Show. Not only was it supporting a great cause, but there was a talented line up and ginger stick-on moustaches. Who could resist?

The gig took place in Venue 1 on Sunday night, with eight acts performing various genres with various instruments. Songs ranged from the bop classic Mr Brightside to originals to mashups.

The show was opened and closed by its hosts, The Retrophobes, who performed a mix of slightly different covers and originals. Opening the show with a more chilled and mellow set was a lovely way to kick off the night.

It was then the turn of Oscar Swedrup and his guitar to croon his way through a

few songs such as Take It Easy by Jackson Brown. This perfectly matched the mood of the early evening, but then it was time to get a bit louder!

After a slightly frenetic performance from the newly formed Bridge Street Collective, it was time for a bit of a capella. The lovely ladies of The Hummingbirds performed a set of five songs, including Somebody That I Used To Know and Happy Endings. They ended their performance with an inspired boyband mashup with a twist. Called Single in St Andrews, it was one of the funniest collection of clichéd songs about romance in St Andrews that I’ve heard. Maureen McGeough and Mia Kent, the president and artistic directors of The Hummingbirds said that the idea came from the fact that it was the “third year in a row that none of the girls in the group had boyfriends” and they just wanted to make a fun song that they could dance to.

Next came the fantastic Big Band, with many members sporting moustaches (even if some did look suspiciously like pen!). A group of swing dancers got the party going as the band performed some lively tunes. After their set, I caught up with Bruce Clarke and Matthew Johnson, who explained how they had re-founded Big Band earlier this year, with the help of MusSoc. When asked what their motivation was for performing at The Mo Show, certain members answered with, “so we can draw moustaches on our faces!” Personally, I think that’s an excellent reason!

Having already played as the drummer in The Bridge Street Collective, the multi-talented Nathan Ellis took the stage as Ghost Pony, ending in him strumming his way across the floor and out into the corridor to applause.

He was followed by Mad Jack, a four piece band consisting of guitarists, vocalists and a violinist. They perfectly slowed down the evening with covers such as Jolene and There Is A Light That Never Goes Out. Despite a few technical issues, this band is definitely one to watch!

The Dirty Hemingways’ set was purely instrumental as their lead singer was suffering from tonsillitis, but it was fantastic to see such a great group play.

Throughout the night, we were reminded of the importance of Movember and the men’s health issues it was promoting by a hilarious Andy. He said that the night was about “celebrating doing things about cancer” and overall was “very pleased” with how successful the night had been, raising £352.87 for Movember.

Personally, I thought it was a great night and a brilliant way to showcase some of the best musicians in St Andrews, whilst raising money for charity :-}D

Keep calm and bubble on! xxx


The Mo Show Poster

Photo credit: Andy Clark


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