Organizing your social life, one event at a time!


Hello world! Well okay, maybe not world, but hello to those in the bubble and hopefully a few outside of it! (We should have just been optimistic and stuck with world.)

We’d just like to welcome you to our blog and explain a little about it. As everyone living in St Andrews probably knows, there are events everywhere! From sports to societies to charities to University-sponsored, there is always something going on. How do they expect us to keep track of it all?! Well that’s where we come in!

We’re here to keep you in the loop. Not only will we have a calendar up and running soon, we’ll also be writing blurbs on and eventually reviewing the events. (Well, the ones we’re able to attend…as pointed out earlier, there are rather a lot!)

Keep calm and bubble on! xxx


Photo credit: AlexReynolds


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