Northumbrian to victory – there and back again

Photos against Granite City Gladiators, by David Nicolson

St Andrews played Northumbria to move into the Quarter Finals of the BUCS Trophy tournament.  Winning the game 16-4, the St Andrews side got on their grind for a low-to-start but satisfying match.  Former Club President Peter Muench put on the Saints jersey for one final time, adding to what was likely the most veteran starting group St Andrews has fielded this year.

After a long and arduous bus ride, St Andrews hung low at the start.  Things finally got going as the game got on; the Saints slowly exploded from a 2-2 first quarter tie, scoring a majority of their goals in the second half.  Henry Eshelman (’14) put up eight and Hugo Francis (‘16) stomped in five.  Cameron O’Neil (’14) led the team in assists, continuing his streak as the feeding champion.  At break there was a humble atmosphere in the Saints’ huddle.  Nobody had any idea what Northumbria would bring before the game—turned out they were fierce competitors.

Credit has to be given to Northumbria for taking it, as best they could, to a vasty more experienced and talented St Andrews team.  For one, it proved St Andrews needs to get in better shape.  Next round for the BUCS Trophy will be against Edinburgh University on February 13th.  In the meantime, the Saints will likely crush University of Stirling tomorrow.  The Man-of-the-Match was Zach Gross (’14) for his ability to backup every shot.  Way to go Zach.



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