Library to trial 24/7 access


Director of Representation, Amanda Litherland, has drawn one step closer to fulfilling one of her main campaign pledges today with a trial run of 24 hour library access this exam season.

The DoRep and library staff confirmed in a meeting this afternoon that from 1-14 December, revising students need not leave the library at all with opening hours increased to cover the full 24 hours; though 2am to 8am will be strictly access by matriculation card only. 14-21 December will also see extended hours of 7am to 2am. Normal hours will still apply to the library café.

Litherland commented: “I’m really pleased about this as it was one of my campaign pledges, and something I think that students have been wanting for a while.”

She praised the library staff in particular saying: “This is down to the hard work of the library staff who have been pushing for this for quite a while, which I have supported representing the student voice. The library attendants are brilliant and so dedicated that they are happy to work in the middle of the night!”

Though the electronic gate system has not been met with universal approval, Litherland credits the gates with enabling this trial to go ahead. The increased security and ability to monitor numbers has allowed for the trial to be done in a way that can keep track of the statistics of usage and keep students safe.

Litherland was keen to stress that this is only a trial run and will rely upon students taking advantage of the increased hours as well as doing so in a respectful manner. She is hopeful however that if this proves successful 24 hour access can continue in semester two, pledging to continue fighting for increased library opening hours overall.



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