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“Don’t worry about your injury Megan, I’ve informed the Scottish National Defense and they are sending you a haggis THIS big.” A 10-year-old American boy stands in front of me holding his arms out as wide as he can, grinning from ear to ear. Two days previously, I had had an accident whilst working as a horse riding instructor at a summer camp in North Carolina. This was what I loved about camp, the constant camaraderie, the smiling faces and support of the children, and camp staff despite my adverse circumstances. The kid runs off and I can’t help but think how much I am going to miss this place with its picturesque surroundings; the quaint wooden cabins tucked within the rolling hills of the Carolina countryside, the smooth surface of the lake with its pier which is by day the hub of the camp, by night a place for the counselors to play guitar, sing and contemplate the events of the day. Summer camp is truly one of the most worthwhile things I think someone at university age can do. Not only does it throw you on to a path with people you would otherwise have never met, but being a constant role model and mentor to children who truly look up to you and trust you is an invaluable lesson in self-respect and self-development.

So why go to the USA with Camp Leaders? Firstly, I can say from experience that the staff treat you as a friend and extremely helpful and supportive throughout the camp experience. Even when I had my accident at camp, the Camp Leaders staff where on the phone to my parents every day, reassuring them that I would be home soon and was being taken care of appropriately (which I absolutely was!). Choosing Camp Leaders over their major competitors is cost-effective, with the best price for the best service (as well as the opportunity to earn some pocket-money in the USA), and as part of its sister company Smaller Earth, what other organisations can say that they have a mission statement that aims to positively impact 20 million people by the year 2020?

So what kind of experiences do you want to have during your summers at University? I absolutely urge you that if you have ever thought about working at a summer camp in the USA, do it now, do it this summer, don’t let an amazing opportunity pass you by. Learn about yourself, learn about others, do what you love and earn money to do it (as well a travel visa to tour the US after camp!). If you have a skill, from Gymnastics and hockey, to sailing, arts and crafts and golf, then apply today at and start preparing for the best summer of your life at camp! Don’t think of yourself as the sporty counselor type? Then join as support staff! Camp Leaders employs people to keep camp running smoothly; be it in the kitchens or in the office, on the grounds, or in the technical department; maintenance roles are just as essential at camp as the counselor roles. Feel free also to explore other options for travel and work abroad this summer at, which runs various programmes from Au Pairing in China to Marine Conservation projects in Mexico. Think about it, and for now I leave you with some of the best Scottish stereotypes that I received at camp..

“Oh you live in St Andrews? You must be a professional golfer!”

“You’re from Scotland ? Do you know Sean Connery?”

(My brother’s name is Ewan) “IS YOUR BROTHER EUAN MCGREGOR?”

“Is there any towns in Scotland? Is your dad a farmer?”

“I’ll give you $20 to read this quote from Trainspotting.”


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