Get your secret on!


First stop at Secret St Andrews was, of course, the bar for a much-anticipated ‘Secret Cocktail’. As usual, Charities Campaign and Rascals didn’t disappoint! A perfectly wonderful mix of vodka, Archers, orange juice, and cranberry juice made for one yummy cocktail! After speaking with Emma Edwards, Charities Campaign Marketing Coordinator, we found out that each person’s cocktail was chosen at random by the bartender from a list of at least three different drink recipes. “It was quite a fun idea really!” We would definitely agree!

Next, we perused the two hundred plus postcards creatively displayed around the venue and even added a few of our own! (Can you guess which two we wrote?)

Emma said her favorite part of the night was “seeing how people decorate them in all sorts of ways!” She was very impressed with the amount of effort that went into a lot of the postcards, citing the artistic handiwork of many students’ entries, many of which included references to Freddie Fforde (someone has a bit of an obsession)!

Some of you may remember last year’s Secret St Andrews was at The Vic. This year it was moved to Rascals, allowing students more time to admire the post cards and write a few of their own! While third year Josi Buerger waited to take the stage with her JazzWorks bandmates, she told us, “I didn’t [write any] beforehand, but I’ve submitted two since getting here!”

In addition to writing postcards, attendees were welcomed to take advantage of the many blank sheets of paper posted around begging answers to comments like “never have I ever” and “I’m scared of”. I believe there was also a game of truth or dare floating around, which I made sure to steer clear of! (Never really had a good experience with that one…)

Overall attendance was high, as was the Charities spirit. Thanks Rory and Co. for putting on another great event!

Keep calm and bubble on! Xxx


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