Editorial: Issue 168


This is a Saint of lasts. The last issue of 2012, the last issue for some of our committee members and the last issue put together in our office. Yes, that unremarkable metal hut behind the recycling bins has seen many, many editions created over the years, the produce of the inspiration and suffering of countless editorial staff.

Come 2013, that office will be no more. The wrecking ball labelled ‘Union redevelopment’ will have done its work and we will have moved. Next semester we’ll be putting the paper together inside the Union building itself as a temporary measure, although – fear not, free press fans – we will retain our traditional editorial and financial independence.

This probably means very little to you, and I won’t ask you to mourn our old office’s passing. We do hope, however, that you will join us in getting into the Christmas spirit, even if I am usually a firm believer that Yuletide cheer should be kept under wraps until 1 December at the earliest. Exams loom ahead of the Christmas break, so festivities are likely to start before the revision period really kicks in.

What’s on our Christmas menu? As well as reviews of 2012 – in the worlds of art and sport, for example – we have some festive features, such as a guide to Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland (page 17) and football fans’ Christmas wishlists (page 28). Arts & Culture have even gone and done your Christmas shopping for you, whether it’s woollies, jingles or DIY that fits the bill (page 27).

Don’t think that’s all we have to offer, however: there’s the usual news, reviews and viewpoints on BNOCs, the British media and US politics for you, no matter whether you’re more like Santa or Scrooge.

The Saint wishes you the best of luck with your exams, and then a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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