36 hours in Whitby, England


Friday afternoon
You’ve arrived in Whitby, a seaside town similar to St Andrews, only just that little bit tackier.  Take a few deep breaths and prepare yourself to embrace the seaside garishness in all its Gothic glory. An ideal start to your visit is a walk along Pier Road, which runs alongside Whitby’s harbour and boasts a multitude of good old-fashioned gambling fun. An Elvis-themed two-penny arcade game might appeal to you, but do consider it carefully, because winning big inevitably leads to losing big, and before you know it, five hundred two-pence pieces have been swallowed into the novelty keyring-strewn belly of Whitby’s amusement industry.

Friday evening
After some potentially startling losses, you might wonder how you can dine out on a budget. Never fear! The sweet shops are nearby for a reason, so why not dine out on a few sticks of Whitby rock – there is a wonderful and economic variety, but sadly overlooked by both Graham Greene and George Formby. Alternatively, you could convince yourself that fishing tackle is a wise investment and sit patiently on the edge of the West Pier.

Saturday morning
Since yesterday you clearly made some poorly-judged decisions, the only real option you have this morning is to pay a visit to Whitby’s resident fortune teller, Lee Ester Alita Lee. In case you didn’t see the sign, she’s a True Born Romany, so she must be good!

Saturday afternoon
Having spent good money on a stranger’s reassurances, you should stride past the various fish and chip kiosks lining the harbour, and join the queue for lunch at the Magpie Café. If nothing else, it will serve as legitimate defence for your trip to Whitby when you’re interrogated by your baffled uni chums. If you judge your friends worthy of a Whitby souvenir, make Justin’s Confectionary Shop your next stop, where you can buy Dracula fudge – as Whitby served as inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel.

Saturday evening
By now if you are hankering for a taste of the authentic Whitby, head to The Fleece pub on Church Street, where you can peruse a copy of the Whitby Gazette or challenge a gravelly-voiced, grisly-bearded local to a game of pool. You never know, if you bet on it and win, you might end up with enough two-pence pieces to revisit the amusement arcades.

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