The Glitch: ‘Fireworks’ – single review


The Glitch, a five piece alternative pop-rock band from Fife, returned this month with their new single “Fireworks”. Although the natural home of the band is Kirkcaldy they have a strong connection with St Andrews, both in the fact that they have performed here multiple times and that their keyboard player Callum Aitken is a student here.

One of the most notable things about The Glitch’s music is the wide range of influences that they draw upon. Each member of the group seems to bring something unique, giving the band a truly distinctive sound.  Their songs are built around a powerful rhythm section that is complemented by poptastic guitar riffs, textural synth sounds and uncompromising vocal performances. “Fireworks” not only pushes to fore these individual qualities however, it also manages to blend them together into one very enjoyable three and half minute song.

Fans of their previous EP; Crawl, will know that the band do not shy away from the genre of the rock power-ballad, with their latest effort being in a similar vein. Reminiscent of their previous song “Find a Home”, their new single is a demonstration of the band at full throttle. The best way to describe the song is thus; it starts off sounding quite epic and then uses an epic guitar solo to become even more epic, finishing in a glorious parade of epicness.

Also worth a mention is the single’s B-side “The Other Side”, a stripped back song that reflects the band’s ability to perform unplugged. A very well written and melodic song, it is the perfect counterpart for the much more raucous A-side. So for anyone interested in local music or anyone else looking to hear a cool song, “Fireworks” is well worth a listen.
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