Saints earn definitive victory against Aberdeen

Saints en route to another win.

Men’s lacrosse played a hugely successful match against the University of Aberdeen on Wednesday afternoon.  The Saints played up the coast in Aberdeen for an away fixture and the start of their regular season.  Aberdeen were a strong team with a handful of talented players, but the Saints dominated from start to finish.  Tallying a hefty goal differential in a 20-3 victory, the Saints lived up to expectations during this season’s first contest.

Henry Eshelman (’14) was awarded Player-of-the-Match for St Andrews, leading all goal scorers with a double hat-trick.  Fellow veteran Cameron O’Neil (’14) bagged seven assists in a complimentary role.  Xandy Walsh (’14) was also a dominant presence, and stepped up to play goalie in the second half.  The defense, led by Vice-Captain Andrew Shen (’14) in net, was able to keep Aberdeen Uni under constant pressure while ceding just three goals.

The Saints came together well as a team in their first official contest and left little doubt of the talent this squad holds.  While the first quarter was hectic, the Saints quickly found their game, placing a confident lead on the board and allowing less experienced players their first field-time.  Issac Hollingsworth (’16) and Hamish Leckie (’16) made debuts at midfield, and David Harden (’15) and Patrick Monahan (’16) proved potent additions for the attack.

After a scenic van-ride back down the coast, the Saints are one step closer to an undefeated season—with many still to come.  Practices continue this week as the Saints look to implement man-up plays, as well as clear and ride game.  Though periods of unsettled play versus Aberdeen highlighted the Saints youth, the team has already begun preperations for their first home game against Edinburgh City this Wednesday at 14:30 behind the AU.


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