Rain, mud, Halloween and victory


It was a wet and cold Halloween on Wednesday, but St Andrews came ready to play against the University of Aberdeen.  Hosted on the Saint’s home pitch, Aberdeen made the long trek down the coast to face a pummeling that was sure to come.  After a 16-2 victory, the Saints are now five wins deep with no losses.

Fenner Dalley (’14) became Man-of-the-Match for St Andrews following a solid performance on defense, including a series of successful clears and one beauty of a goal.  Henry Eshelman (’14) affirmed his position as the leading goal scorer for the Saints, trailed closely by freshman Hugo Francis (’14).

On a field that became more puddle than grass as the game progressed, the Saint’s managed a scrappy but effective game on offense—a strategy that seems to come naturally for this squad.  The Saint’s were also dominant on face-offs, able to control the field despite the adverse conditions.

University of Glasgow travels to St Andrews next Wednesday for another home fixture.


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