Put it in the book – victory for Saints

The Saints saw a rainbow on the road to victory.

St Andrews Men’s Lacrosse played University of Glasgow last Wednesday, placing their fourth consecutive win in the books.  After routing Glasgow in a 22-2 beat-down, the Saints now hold a devastating goal differential over the BUCS league competition.

Away at Glasgow, both teams battled under the lights in typically Scottish weather.  Henry Eshelman (’14) and Hugo Francis (‘16) contributed nine goals apiece—aided by seven assists from Chris Andrews (’16).  Michael Robinson (’15) dominated from midfield, snatching ground balls in transition and finagling a lone, long-distance goal.

University of Glasgow—who entered the match as the league’s second-seed—faced a well disciplined squad from St Andrews that continues its five-week run at the number one spot.  The Saints will face University of Stirling this Wednesday at home.


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