Lucy Rose: Like I Used To – review


Like I Used To



Lucy Rose’s story is one that anyone of any professional pursuit can learn from. Five years ago, I had a chance to talk to Lucy and compliment her on her music. It was only a conversation that lasted an hour, but it was enough time to learn that the young singer was both determined and passionate as well as a character that deserved to get somewhere with her music. For the next five years, I watched Lucy slowly produce more music, gain more fans, and even sing alongside Bombay Bicycle Club on their album Flaws as well as on tour. Now, Lucy has produced her debut Like I Used To and it is surely a piece illustrating the years she spent practicing, performing, and hoping to get somewhere with her talent.

Fans of any modern folk artist, in particular Laura Marling or Noah and the Whale, and maybe even artists of other genres like Ellie Goulding and Florence and the Machine, will find Lucy Rose just what they need to fill up those weekday nights when the sun chooses to start going down earlier. The thing is though, Lucy is better than these artists. She has more soul and a voice that profoundly sings her lyrics in a way that captures emotions perfectly. Every song on the album deserves a listen, but the songs “Middle of the Bed”, “Night Bus”, “First”, and “Be Alright” reveal Lucy’s thoughtful words and contemplative mood best.  These are the songs that have been with her from the beginning.

The album as a whole is brilliant and is surely one for that person in desperate need of reflecting underneath an autumn tree beginning to shed its leaves. Although the album could have some louder songs on it, the biggest problem is that Lucy simply forgot to put the song “Bull To the Red” among the tracks.  This can be heard on her live Youtube performance of songs like “Bull to the Red”, which show Lucy Rose is a unique artist who will surely continue to improve and amaze her loyal fans in the future.



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