Facing third year blues on the Fife Coastal Path


Last week, I decided that I needed a temporary escape. I made my way down to East Sands, and found myself for the first time on the Fife Coastal Path. The sky was clear, and the sun was setting. For once, Scottish weather seemed to be in good spirits. I was facing third year blues, and desperately needed to clear my head.

Similarly to many students at St Andrews, I have found myself stressed and almost constantly burdened with the task of completing academic work. Having just entered my honours years, my stress stems from the fact that my grades this year, and next, will actually count towards my degree. I have found myself spending more time in the library than I have spent at home, and my excessive attempts to be productive have done more harm than good. Through trial and error, I have found the golden key to productivity: taking worthwhile breaks,such as going on a walk. For those of you who would argue that lazing in bed, watching telly, or going to the Lizard is a worthwhile and productive break, I am telling you that getting a breath of fresh air will probably boost your productivity much more than a hangover, or the feeling of being a couch-potato, ever will. St Andrews is a wonderfully historic town, and is incredibly beautiful because of it. As I walked up the Fife Coastal Path, I had one of the most breathtaking views of the town. I could see all the different landmarks that make St Andrews the special place it is: the North Sea, cathedral ruins, the castle, the golf course, and many more. By the end of my walk, I had killed two birds with one stone, gotten my daily exercise and successfully cleared my head.

St Andrews is surrounded by many walking trails; however, I must now shamefully admit that the Fife Coastal Path is the only one I have been on. It can be claustrophobic to be in ‘The Bubble’, and it can be incredibly easy to forget how gorgeous St Andrews is when you are holed up in the library writing essays and studying for tests. But every now and then, we all need an escape. The posh might jet off to exotic destinations, but I will make do with what I have. The next time you need a getaway, or just want some thinking time, I highly recommend the Fife Coastal Path; or, if you’re feeling more adventurous than I have been lately, explore the other walking trails around St Andrews.


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