Empty University rooms to accommodate Fife Park residents

October 31, 2012 1:46 pm 0 comments

Students who are currently residing in Fife Park will be relocated to Agnes Blackadder Hall and DRA early next year, a University spokesman has confirmed.

The announcement comes after The Saint reported that almost 300 rooms in University accommodation remain vacant, despite previous concerns over a shortage of beds in St Andrews.

Fife Park residents will be relocated to Agnes Blackadder Hall, above, in January 2013.

A spokesman said: “After careful assessment, we are satisfied that there are sufficient rooms available across the University estate to allow us to relocate all the residents of Fife Park early next year…in January 2013.

“Part of the reason for the relocation is to make available currently unused accommodation of a higher standard than Fife Park. This will afford our students a more comfortable environment due to more modern standards, including heating systems and thermal insulation,” he said.

The University is currently working through the feasibility and planning process for the refurbishment of Fife Park yet the final decision to proceed with refurbishment will be decided at the Planning and Resources Committee meeting in December 2012.

In early October, Fife Council’s Planning Committee refused proposals to create new student housing next to East Sands. At the time, a University spokesman said: “Anything which increases the range, choice and quality of accommodation in St Andrews is to be welcomed.”

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