Editorial: Issue 165


Welcome to issue #165 of The Saint, your independent student newspaper. For an organisation which has always been known for its printed output, we’ve been more than a little busy online. Our freshly-designed website was launched two weeks ago today, and if you haven’t visited www.thesaint-online.com already, then you really should. It’s the best place for the latest St Andrews news, as well as a great variety of other stories, features, opinions and reviews.

The website has also allowed us to expand into new areas that are quite tricky to put down on paper. As well as our new batch of blogs (from food to graduates to politics), we have finally worked out what multimedia is and have a new ‘Video’ section. You can catch the fruits of Bubble TV’s labours on there, and we ourselves have some exciting plans brewing. Stay tuned.

But what makes us truly unique in St Andrews is the thing you’re holding now. If this is print media’s last stand, I think we’re making a better job of it than Custer. Ahead of you lies interviews with St Andrews five a capella groups, a look ahead to the Dunhill Links and so many other nuggets of student talent.

Another aspect which sets us apart is our News team. As well as gathering and writing the stories that fill the next few pages, they have been putting together our Sabb survey. The results certainly make for interesting reading. Yes, it is early in the year and everyone at the Union has the rest of the year to get their names out there and show students why they matter. That is the point of this survey – Freshers’ Week was a success, but we wanted to know how connected students are with their Union. Clearly there is much work to be done, both by the Union and student media. We’ve given our two cents. Over to you, Sabbs.


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