Aurora Borealis lights up St Andrews skies

Photo: Callum Hyland. Click to enlarge

St Andrews students and residents alike have been treated to some of the best views of the Northern Lights for some time, as the cycle of solar activity reaches a high point.

The spectacle has been visible for the past few nights between around midnight and 3am.

The colourful lights are caused when highly charged particles from solar winds interact with the Earth’s magnetic field. The clear skies have helped make this light show even more spectacular.

Callum Hyland, who shot the photograph above, was able to capture the image from the relative comfort of his room in DRA. He commented on Facebook, simply: “Rolled over in bed and opened the curtains.”

Others were not so fortunate however. Andrew McCallum wrote: “What time did you take this at? Couldn’t see anything when I looked.”

For those who have not yet witnessed the spectacle, fear not. Meteorologists predict the next few nights to feature similar light shows as the favourable conditions continue.


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