The Student Vegan


An Introduction

So here are the facts:

My name is Alexandra. I’m a transfer student from North Carolina in the United States, with a dual major in English and Comparative Literature. I like traveling, running, reading, and writing.

And I’m a vegan.

For those of you that don’t already know, a vegan is like a vegetarian Gone Pro. Instead of merely just shying away from meat and gelatin (animal’s bones), vegans also avoid all animal products. This means anything made from milk, eggs, and for some vegans, honey. (It should be known that I do, in fact, eat honey. Until someone points out to me how the bees are being harmed in any way I will continue to enjoy honey over my porridge in the morning.)

People usually react in one of two ways upon revealing I’m a vegan:

Scenario #1: “Ah, wow! That’s so cool. So, like, you don’t eat any animal by-products? Like, not even ice cream? Dude, I could not not eat ice cream, you know? Props to you! Four for you Glen Coco!*”

Scenario #2: “Oh, so you’re a vegan? So what, do you think you’re gonna like, save the world or something? I mean, come on, how much difference are you really making? It’s really just about you wanting to draw attention to yourself. You’re just being inconsiderate and inconvenient.”

Okay, so I may have generalized the reactions a bit, but you see where I’m going with this. There are the people who are nice about it, but don’t really make the effort to understand, and then there are those that make you feel like crap for choosing a lifestyle you believe in.

And then there’s my mother, who has been oddly supportive of my veganism. But that’s a different story.

I’m hoping with this blog that I’ll create a third type of reaction to veganism. One where people engage in discussion about what it means to be vegan, why people decide to cut out all foods deriving from animals, and maybe learn something in the process.

In this blog, I plan on throwing in a lot of things: there will be recipes, tips regarding traveling and surviving the holidays, links to websites where you can educate yourself a bit more about this crazy vegan lifestyle, and probably a few anecdotes as well. That’s just how I roll.

I love being a vegan. Not only is it great for my physical health, it strengthens my resolve to challenge the things in this world I deem unfit.

Go on, brush the crumbs off your lap and join me.


*For those of you who got my Mean Girls reference, extra points to you.



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